About Us

Who We Are

Shade Tree Coffee Roasters is a family-owned and operated specialty coffee roastery. Established by Lewis & Tanya Holden, Shade Tree brings coffees from around the world to the community of Coppell and North Texas. “Specialty coffee roasting has been a great experience for us and our customers.”

About Our Coffee

We roast specialty high-grade coffees from all parts of the world with a focus on single origin farms and farmer cooperatives. You will know where your coffee was grown. Creating the perfect roast showcases the farmers’ hard work and each coffee’s unique flavor profile. We chose the name Shade Tree Roasters because “shade grown” is a term that describes the type of coffee farming that we wish to promote and the type of farms we want to support. In contrast to large commercial coffee operations, shade grown coffee plants are generally grown under old growth trees.  A plantation where old growth trees are left and coffee trees planted under them for shade allows acidity, flavor and body to develop more thoroughly in the coffee bean and leaves a bird-friendly environment, creating a win-win situation for the environment and a better cup of coffee.

Our Roasting Process

Green coffee beans are carefully roasted in small batches on our US Roaster Corp gas-fired  roaster. We roast each day’s orders and ship them stamped with roast date on the package.

Brewing Tips

  • 2 tbsp coffee per cup 1.5 for lighter cup 2.5 for heavier cup.
  • Use clean filtered water. Grind right before brewing at 195 – 205 degrees.
  • Discard ground coffee after one day. Discard whole beans after 4 weeks.